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Fishing and Navigation near Offshore Construction

The main terminal construction area offshore is within a navigation exclusion zone notified in January 2016, demarked by yellow buoys illuminated at night. No vessels should enter or navigate through the exclusion zone due to the hazards from the heavy construction vessels that exist in this area.

Major construction works off shore have now started outside of the main terminal area. A corridor leading from the western aspect of the Shaikh Khalifa Bin Salman port to the main construction site is now cordoned off in preparation for trenching and subsea pipe laying. This area is marked out with yellow buoys that are illuminated at night. Heavy construction vessels and barges will be working here for the next seven months and seagoing vessels will not be permitted to navigate through the area. Please note that heavy working vessels are anchored with long lead anchors, so are unable to maneuver and should not be approached, nor subsurface equipment trailed in the vicinity.

Sea going vessels in the area will also be advised by the maritime authorities of these restrictions to navigation and users of pleasure vessels are strongly advised to avoid this area completely until after the summer months.

Onshore pipeline constructing

The onshore pipeline will eventually link in to the existing BAPCO network at the Hidd metering station. Construction work in this area will require additional control measures due to the presence of live plant and gas. This area is a busy industrial center with large volumes of heavy vehicles travelling through and parking on a daily basis. Vehicle operators are encouraged to find alternative arrangements for parking during the next few months, as the construction teams will need to cordon off large sections to lay the main pipeline.

Public safety of new facility
Opportunities Bahrain lng

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LNG deliveries and navigation areas (STS lng)
Operations & Maintenance

Responsible Environmental and Social Management

Bahrain LNG is committed to conducting its business in a responsible manner and integrating environmental and social performance as integral parts of our everyday business. An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was conducted in 2014. The assessment found that “The project shall be operated meeting all regulatory requirements without any tangible impacts to the environment”. The Environmental Impact Assessment was accepted by the Supreme Council for Environment in September 2015, and re-confirmed its validity in March 2016.

To address recent project design changes, an addendum to the Environmental Impact Assessment was completed in September 2016. The assessment confirmed that "the Project itself will cause limited significant adverse risks and impacts, and that the adverse environmental and social risks and impacts of the Project are generally site-specific, reversible, and readily addressed through mitigation measures."

For more information, please see our Environmental and Social Policy, and a summary of the 2014 and 2016 Environmental Impact Assessments.

Community Support

Bahrain LNG will bring significant economic benefits to the region. The terminal will form a vital part of the energy infrastructure of Bahrain – it will give the country security of energy supply that it needs to meet its growth in demand for natural gas to fuel large industrial projects, to generate power and water and for enhanced oil recovery.

As a commitment to our communities and stakeholders, Bahrain LNG is eager to know if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas about our activities. Your insights, perspective, and expertise will help us fully understand the benefits we create, and also any potential questions or concerns you may have. To learn more about how Bahrain LNG will inform stakeholders, listen to and respond to your views, and implement actions to address your concerns, please see our Stakeholder Engagement Plan.

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